12 de outubro de 2012

7 years ago

It was 7 years ago that a very specific meeting between 2 friends happened. It was 7 years ago that started the pleasure of  creating a dream that never became real but that, in fact,  it was the most pleasant dream I ever lived.  The celebration of something that we didnt forget and the celebration of something that was created by us. Something that had a meaning. It was a search that gave us purpose, that gave us a mission. We are celebrating something that became independent, that has its own inteligence and its own survival instinct.

Yes, it was exactly 7 years ago that all of that started. It raised itself, it multiplied itself, it developed to something that was beautiful, and most of all, it became something that never stopped to exist. Probably now you would tell me that it is something that doesnt have any sense to have its own existence anymore. Still, it is something that I want to keep it alive in our memories. Its not just something that I just simply want.......... I need it. Its one small reason to look back and to realize that in fact I was able to create something. We all created it. That meeting that happened between 2 friends, 7 years ago was just the very begining of something that you all raised it to the sky.
You have to admit, that the idea was a great idea, and that the paths that we all crossed together had very special and peculiar moments. It gave us a reason to be connected forever. You know that even if we see each others just in 40 years, you will remember what was the issue that I am writting here and that started 7 years ago.

Someone asked me today, who are the people behind it at the moment and who is in charge of it. I expressed a smile (a very nostalgic smile while I was lighting my cigarette) and I had to explain that there is nobody behind it or in charge of it anymore. It became free...it became independent......it became a feeling.

I started this celebration yesterday evening, because of a personal reason that driven my way to that meeting. Tomorrow (13-10-2012) remember this special feeling that we created, remember it because it never stops, and it will never stop.......The Movimento M will always be in our memories and in our hearts.

Happy birthday Movimento M.

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